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Cold Blooded Pests

Allow Nix 'Em Outdoors to help you… ending the irritation, discomfort and potential economic loss caused by spiders, flies, wasps, mosquitoes, crickets, snakes, and all other cold-blooded pests!

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Bat Removal and Exclusion

Allow Nix 'Em Outdoors to help you… eliminating the mess, the smell, fear and apprehension caused by bats that visit and inhabit your home or business! Rid these unwelcome guest permanently.

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Bird Removal and Exclusion

Allow Nix 'Em Outdoors to help you… stopping the burrowing, squawking, nesting and messing by unwanted geese, pigeons, sparrows and other nuisance birds in and around areas of your home, business and other places!

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We give special attention to your individual concerns so that your solution can be custom designed and implemented to resolve your pest control issues

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Our Services Consist of…

  • Conducting a thorough inspection and evaluation of your pest situation
  • Prescribing the most appropriate methods, products, and procedures to employ
  • Implementing the best plan of action and using the most appropriate pest control processes to control those pests
  • Maintaining communications with you to monitor the effectiveness of our service to insure that all goals are being met
  • Providing you with the assurance that you will now be able to effectively manage your environment to a level of satisfaction available from no other company 

Pest management is a process, not an event

We conduct follow-up visits on a regular basis to insure that our system is giving optimal results

Our services are based on the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices:

A decision-making process that anticipates and controls pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solutions. The primary objective of IPM, while controlling unwanted pests, is to minimize and/or eliminate any harmful effect of pesticides on the environment, and to ensure that, where necessary, chemical control occurs only as an adjunct to the other eradication procedures


Other services include…

  • Remediation and mitigation of other nuisance pest problems on a case-by-case basis
  • Design and installation of automatic pest control systems
  • Design and installation of evaporative water mist cooling systems
  • Design and fabrication of custom engineered mist systems for industrial applications such as odor control, dust control, and flash cooling
  • Through our associated companies, provision of residential and limited commercial construction and remodeling service

Allow Nix 'Em Outdoors to help you…

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