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Bird Removal & Exclusion

Most birds are welcome visitors because of their beauty, song and entertaining behavior, as well as for the valuable role each plays in the environment. Yet, like some plants, insects and other wildlife, birds can become pests when they find their way into places where people don’t want them and when their behavior becomes a nuisance or poses a health risk.

Our primary goal in the exclusion of nuisance birds is to complete the work to the satisfaction of our client while causing no harm to these birds, the areas in which they are creating a problem, or the environment in general. While performing this service we insure that, among other things, no Migratory Bird Treaty, Threatened or Endangered Species Act, or any state or local laws will be violated in the process.

No single bird control approach is effective in all situations, and certain control methods do not work at all times even on the same target species. Many factors are considered in selecting the hardware, software and products to be incorporated into the environment of any given bird control job site.

Aesthetics, future service and maintenance tasks, financial constraints, and the level of bird pressure list among other factors that must be incorporated into the design of a successful bird removal and exclusion project.

We employ the use of current and advancing technology to humanely repel birds without harming them, your facilities or the environment. The overarching goal, again, is to exclude, control, and/or deter the nuisance birds without damaging the aesthetics of the job site and to reduce the bird threshold to a level that is acceptable to our client.

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