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Testimonial 8 thumbnail Dorothy M.

It’s really nice not having spiders lurking in corners ready to give you a bad day. I’m free! “Thanks to your system, John, I’m home bug free.

Testimonial 7 thumbnail Tara A.

It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your installation crew. Everyone that we have had the pleasure of working with has been knowledgeable, courteous and gracious in selling, installing and servicing the bug control system around our home. Dinner on the patio is a wonderful break from the norm now that we […]

Testimonial 6 thumbnail Tom S.

We had you replace the tubing and nozzles on an old system in our barn, service the pump and barrel, and fill it with your fly spray instead of the stuff that we had been using for quite a while. Though the old spray killed most of the flies well enough, there are big differences […]

Testimonial 5 thumbnail Nancy L.

We are finally rid of the wasps, mud daubers and other flying distractions around out pool and patio dining area, thanks to Nixem’s misters! Though we never see or smell the spray doing its thing, we definitely see the effects that we were looking for. No more spray cans, no more fly swatters, no more […]

Testimonial 4 thumbnail Larry and Mary K.

Miracles DO happen! Thanks to you and your automated sprayer we are finally rid of the wasps, spiders and, most amazingly, the snakes that were continually winding up in our pool strainer basket. The effectiveness was proven when we cut through one of the lines while tilling up a new flowerbed. We were out of […]

Testimonial 3 thumbnail Carl W.

No spray cans, no smoke, no citronella, no stinky smell, no burning eyes, no wasp nests, no spider webs, and NO BITES!! Great! This Nixem stuff has flushed the vermin from our outdoor play space. These past three month since our system has been installed have been quite pleasurable when compared to last year. We […]

Testimonial 2 thumbnail Chris & Kelly S.

We installed a pest control system around our yard and patio area for mosquitoes and we have experienced such a dramatic difference!! We have finally been able to enjoy being outdoors as the constant bug biting is gone! We also are pleased that it is a system that is safe for our pets and our […]

Testimonial 1 thumbnail N.E. Jack, PhD

We thoroughly enjoy our new fly system (provided) to the DE King Equine Pavilion by Equine Gold Sponsor, Nix ‘Em Outdoors. This state-of-the-art system sets itself apart from others we have seen, and we are genuinely happy to report our positive recommendation of the system and pest control it supplies. Since the system’s installation, we […]

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